FeeWe believe we offer you the best value for the variety of services that we can provide you.  The following are our base rates for some of our services that we offer, and assume your are filing only a Minnesota or Wisconsin return (for multi-state returns there is a minimum charge of $40 per state):

Personal Income Tax Preparation:

M1PR Only $55.00
1040EZ Starts at $55.00
1040A Starts at $90.00
1040 Starts at $110.00
1040 with Schedule A Starts at $150.00
1040 with Schedule C/E/F Starts at $220.00

We are unable to provide an exact estimate of the cost of your return without actually meeting with you and seeing what will be involved in completing your return. Our fee is form based and it is too hard to estimate based on hypothetical scenarios and forms that you or we may not always be aware will apply at the time of trying to provide an estimate.

Your fee will be higher than our base rate if you are eligible for tax credits such as the child tax credit, dependent care credit, earned income credit, education credit, energy credit or any other credits additional charges will apply. Additionally, if there are additional schedules, forms and/or worksheets that need to be completed to prepare your tax return additional charges will also apply.

Corporate, Partnership, Estate/Trust, Non-Profit

C-Corporation or S-Corporation Starts at $505.00
Partnership Starts at $375.00
Estate Starts at $225.00
Non Profit $375.00 – $425.00

We may increase or reduce these rates due to certain circumstances at the discretion of the Tax Professional. The fees listed above are generally the fees you will be charged.

Tax Return Copies

You will be charged the following fees for additional copies of your return if you lose or misplace your original copy or need a copy of your return delivered to a third party.

  • Tax Return Copies – No Supporting Documentation (Except W-2s) – $0
  • Tax Return Copies – All Supporting Documentation Provided – $20

Consulting, Tax Planning, Tax Research

  • IRS or State Representation, Correspondence Resolution, and Research – $100 Per Hour
  • Consulting, Withholding Calculation or Mid-Year Tax Review/Plan – $100 Per Hour ($25 Min)

Payroll Services

Payroll Processing Starts at $30.00 per payroll
Payroll Report Preparation $150.00 per quarter
Form W-2, W-3 and Form 940 $100.00+ annually

Accounting Services

1099 Form Preparation $7.00 per form
Bookkeeping and Reconciliation Call for quote

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