New Clients

Thank you for considering Lindgren Tax & Accounting, Inc. to be your Tax Professional and/or Accountant.  Lindgren Tax & Accounting, Inc. is currently accepting new clients on a limited basis during tax season through March 1st and then once tax season comes to a close we will begin taking new clients on May 1st.

If you are interested in becoming a client of ours you will need to make your appointment to see us before March 1st if you will be meeting with us during tax season. It is recommended that we meet with you before tax season if possible so we can preview your your prior year’s tax history and become more familiar with your situation before tax season starts.

In addition to the organizer and checklist on our forms page, the following are a listing of items needed if we did not complete your prior year’s tax return:

  • Prior year’s tax return – We generally like to see at least the most recent tax return filed, but recommend you bring in the most recent two years of tax returns if available.
  • Depreciation schedules for any rental properties and business assets or equipment from your prior year’s return.  You will need to contact your prior tax professional if these are not included in your tax return copy already.

If you will not be able to come see us during tax season due to our cutoff date and would like us to still prepare your tax return you are responsible for filing your own extension and estimated any potential tax liability you may have so you can make a tax extension payment if necessary. For future reference, once we have done your taxes in the prior year the cutoff to see us for tax preparation is around April 5th to ensure we will have enough time to prepare your return before the tax filing deadline.

We appreciate your consideration, and hope we can serve you in the future.

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